True Story Pictures

True Story Pictures

True Story Pictures documents stories that educate, inspire, and connect our communities. Focused on the rich history and culture of Memphis, we have been making documentaries and life story films since 2004.

Our current project, The Art Academy, traces the growth of our beloved Memphis College of Art (MCA) from its early years in Victorian Village to the present, with its anchor building in Overton Park and a new Grad School downtown.

The Memphis Academy of Arts (now MCA) was born out of a protest where students, faculty, and trustees held a great Walk Out… taking their art off the walls of an exhibition, they left the buildings, and started something new. “It was a revolution,” remembers painter Carroll Cloar.

MCA has been around now for 75 years. Its history is splattered with off-the-wall stories (from flooded mansions to anti-nudity driven bomb threats and kidnapping), driven by a rambling, tenacious crew of artists, and undergirded with iconic leaders.

At the heart of the story are the influential faculty and administrators who became mentors for four generations of artists – Burton Callicott, Dorothy Sturm, Mildred Hudson, Ted Rust, Henry Easterwood, Ted Faiers, Veda Reed, Bill Womack, Murray Riss, Dolph Smith, and others. They made their mark – and Memphis will never be the same.

Our scheduled release is fall 2011. Check out our Facebook page for updates.

True Story Pictures

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